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John Nahas is the Director of Investor Relations and Business Development at Vaultbank, a legally compliant security token that will pay a quarterly dividend.

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Vaultbank converges the worlds of traditional finance and crypto-currency to create a platform for tokenizing securities and for buying, selling, and spending crypto-investments. A benefit of working towards tokenizing securities is that it will create more access to the average investor who might otherwise be unable to, due to cost or regulations. Features of the Vaultbank will include the Vaultbank token and fund, the Vaultbank exchange and wallet, and the Vaultbank debit card.

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The Vaultbank token represents a non-voting equity stake in the company and will be backed by the Vaultbank fund, which will consist of secured credit assets augmented by Random Forest Capital AI and machine learning.

Still in development are the Vaultbank exchange, wallet, and debit card. The debit card will allow users to move their crypto-assets off of the exchange and onto a wallet. A beta version of the exchange has been released for testing and can be found at Vaultbank encourages users to explore and provide feedback.

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To learn more about all that Vaultbank has to offer, visit

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