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Something had been brewing for years in the heart of the Nightingale household: a fervent desire to chart a course away from reliance on conventional systems and embrace a life of self-sufficiency, health, and well-being. When the perfect property came up for sale, Kelsey Nightingale and her husband Sean seized the opportunity to take a significant step toward their dream: they purchased a small house on acreage in the quiet corners of Scottsburg, Oregon, a literal ghost town with a population of just 350.

Building a homestead is a slow process with plenty of challenges, yet their progress only further motivates them with each passing year. No longer tethered to grocery store aisles as they once were, they produce their own bread, milk, eggs, chicken, and turkey. They also have a burgeoning food garden that improves each growing season.

Tune in to explore:

  • The timeline of success in small farming and homesteading, understanding the patience and perseverance required
  • The labor of love that is starting and nurturing a homestead and the unparalleled rewards it brings
  • The financial aspect of homesteading and ways to make money off it
  • What exciting new plans are in the works at the Nightingale Farmstead

Press play to hear the entire conversation, and follow Kelsey and Sean’s journey by finding them @NightingaleFarmstead on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

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