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A serial entrepreneur, Fred Krueger has started and sold nine tech companies in the last 20 years. He is particularly excited about the changes taking place via crypto-currency. Fred is the founder and CEO of WorkCoin, a crypto-currency and marketplace designed to increase transparency and identity of high-end freelancers and facilitate consumer-freelancer transactions at a significantly lower price than the existing platforms. Kory Larson is a UX specialist and the talented Chief Design Officer of WorkCoin.

40% of Americans are now freelancing and these numbers are expected to grow. WorkCoin
is addressing this trend by creating a system in which freelancers can find work while building and maintaining their reputation, and consumers can search, investigate, and pay for a quality freelancer that meets their needs. WorkCoin requires freelancers to provide accurate information on their identity and qualifications, so consumers have the benefit of access to accurate and reliable information on the person or business providing the service. The bottom line is this: consumers have quicker access to a quality freelancer.

Additionally, the “crypto-in, crypto out” mode of transaction eliminates hassles that may come with other payment methods, such as fraud and extra charges. By avoiding these charges, the WorkCoin platform is four times cheaper than current platforms. WorkCoin also provides a means for resolution of disputes by incorporating escrow and arbitration into the framework.

To find where WorkCoin is launching their ICO and to learn more about the company, go to

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