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In this episode, we connect with Annie Chen, an author, therapist, consultant, and coach who uses neuroscience research to help clients navigate the complexities of relationships and emotional safety. Annie has been studying the mind, nervous systems, and relationships for over 17 years – empowering her to help others in unique and productive ways… 

Annie recently wrote I Want to Connect: Rewire Your Nervous System for Stress Resilience and Secure Attachment, a book that demystifies what it takes to have better relationships. By transcending surface-level advice and digging into the fundamentals of stress resilience, Annie provides readers with the resources to practice self-awareness, reflection, and skills to improve daily life.

Join us now to find out:

  • What inspired Annie to write her latest book.
  • Why relationships are so critical to our well-being.
  • How mental health issues have changed since the pandemic.
  • Factors that determine our mental and physical health.

How has Annie’s work with meditation, therapeutic work, and community transformed her own life and others around her? Click play to see for yourself!

You can follow along with Annie by visiting her website.

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