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In what way are certain disease processes affected by genes?

Why has a new pharmaceutical drug achieved its intended effect for one group of individuals, but not for another? How might we come to understand the mechanistic underpinning of a statistically significant correlation between a certain bacterium and a certain disease?

Kirk Beebe, Ph.D. Scientist and Director at Metabolon, discusses a technology that provides accurate and comprehensive answers to these types of questions for a variety of investigators across multiple research areas. At the heart of this technology and research is metabolomics: the study of all metabolites in any given biological system.

An understanding of metabolism is critical to comprehending the phenotypic behavior of all living organisms. At the same time, the existence of thousands of metabolites-small, organic compounds integral to metabolic processes-has posed a level of complexity and intricacy stymying the depth of understanding that could otherwise be reached.

With the technology at Metabolon, information about thousands of metabolites is acquired rapidly for in-depth analysis, leading to unprecedented levels of understanding on a variety of subjects.

In collaboration with its customers, Beebe and the team at Metabolon have published over 1,000 papers to date. Tune in to learn more, and then visit metabolon.


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