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Amidst the unregulated ICO craze that began about a year ago, the now CEO and Chief Token Officer of TokenFunder, Alan Wunsche, was working closely with regulators to develop a fully compliant ICO that would allow retail and accredited investors to fund the creation of the TokenFunder platform. Having received Canada-wide approval, TokenFunder is now accepting investors from all around the world.

The TokenFunder ICO is offering investors something that many others don’t: rights to the future profits of the platform, voting rights to prioritize which companies come onto the platform, and voting rights to direct the future developments of the platform.

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“We want to do something that really benefits our token holders and gives them real rights,” says Wunsche.

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The platform is also designed to help companies launch their own regulatory-approved ICOs. Wunsche discusses the importance of assisting startups not only with the technological and security aspects of their ICOs, but also with lifelong governance and guidance of those ICOs.

Among other topics, Wunsche discusses the future of TokenFunder and the future of the blockchain industry in general.

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