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What part do extracellular vesicles play a role in cancer development? Research shows that they may be the next step in discovering new cancer treatment techniques.

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Press play to learn:

  • How extracellular vesicles are isolated
  • Why EVs are so difficult to study
  • The function of EVs within the body

Ph.D. student at Oxford University, Scott Bonner, shares his research on the relationship between extracellular vesicles and cancer.

Some extracellular vesicles may play a role in the body more effectively than others.

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By identifying and isolating certain types, new therapeutic EV technology may lead to new cancer treatments and research developments.

By learning more about receptors and how EV biogenesis occurs, the ability to pinpoint specific functions and advantages of the vesicles will emerge. Technologies being developed for the near future will only serve to enhance research and lead to discoveries regarding EV uptake within the body.

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Visit Scott Bonner’s profile on to learn more.

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