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How can zebrafish lead to new insight into how neurons within the brain function? Researchers may be able to determine how information is sent between the two by studying the specific relationships between their retinas and brains.

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Listen up to learn:

  • How neurons connect
  • How long visual information takes to be processed
  • Why ocular tissue is challenging to study in humans

Tom Baden, Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, shares his research into how the body sends input information for the brain to process.

By examining large numbers of nerve cells and how they respond to specific stimuli, researchers can determine how inputs cause the brain to react. From information from the retina and showing how different colors are sent, the information pathway can be tracked.

Tissue from the retina of humans is surprisingly very similar to the tissue found in non-human primates. From studying humans going forward in research, the determination that similar principles hold between the two.

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This is currently one of the driving factors behind new information is found.

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