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Nearly 200 million metric tons of production come from global aquaculture and fisheries combined.

Dr. Bill McGraw discusses the science, strategy, and logistics behind it all.

Tune in to learn:

  • The difference between aquaponics and aquaculture
  • Why salmon are particularly hard to grow in aquaculture systems
  • The many (and surprising) applications of seaweeds
  •  Why there is a threat of blue-green algae contamination in catfish

Returning guest, Dr. Bill McGraw, joins the show to discuss an area of his expertise: zeo water exchange and disease free aquaculture systems. He explains how they work, what they produce, and the most recent global trends in the field.

He also discusses the billion-dollar US catfishing industry, GMO salmon, shrimp aquaculture and how it’s connected to vibrio bacteria, SPF (specific pathogen free) status and shrimp culture in places around the world, the importance of biosecurity in aquaculture, the problem of mislabeling seafood (and what you need to know if you’re a consumer), polyculture, and much more.

Press play and learn more about Dr. McGraw’s work by visiting

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Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:

Interesting and knowledgeable information from Dr. Bill Mcgraw’s Aquaculture class:

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