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In this conversation, we dive into Irlen Syndrome with Laura Ward Woelfel, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor and fourth-generation Austinite. As someone who was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome herself in 1991, there’s no one better to explain this topic — and to help others who may also have it…

Irlen Syndrome, a visual processing issue distinct from other vision problems, had a profound impact on Laura’s life. Initially misdiagnosed as dyslexic or ADD, her life took a turn for the better when she discovered Irlen Syndrome and sought the necessary support. This newfound understanding and intervention transformed her academic performance, propelling her from a ‘C’ student in undergrad to a stellar 4.0 student in graduate school.

Now, Laura uses her knowledge and passion to help students with learning disabilities. Whether it be learning difficulties or reading issues, she uses integrative counseling and a series of cognitive behavior methods to bring awareness to her clients.

Join us now to find out:

  • The difference between dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome.
  • How Laura found out she had Irlen Syndrome and how it changed her life.
  • The symptoms of Irlen Syndrome and how to identify them.
  • Who Irlen Syndrome affects, and what causes it.

You can learn more about Laura and her work by clicking here!

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