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ULedger is a stateless blockchain overlay for existing technology infrastructure that was developed in order to help companies assert and prove the integrity of their data at any point in time, by allowing for independent verification of the order of important events due to date stamping.

Through a patent-pending cross-merkelization process, companies are able to anchor the validity of their data with other servers or companies, thereby providing tamper-proof verification of data.

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You can anchor your data to any number of blockchains you choose, and there is no need to use public blockchains at all–simply use the closest ULedger chain instead.

This can be used for any use case where decisions are made based on data integrity, where a repository of data is needed, or where smart contracts or document management systems are needed.

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For example, this technology is used by the City of Boise, in conjunction with utility companies, and home buyers and sellers, to determine who is responsible for partial utility payments from both parties after closing on a home.

Currently, ULedger is holding a pre-sale for their token, which will end soon, and will be holding an ICO around the end of Q1 2018.

For more information, visit www.

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