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Bee Token’s goal is to build a decentralized vacation rental and home sharing platform, similar to AirBNB, but without any of the middlemen or large commissions that are retained by the platform.

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In this way, Bee Token hopes to give more control and rewards back to those people who make such marketplaces a success, the homeowners, and renters themselves.

Using a different tokenization revenue model, fees are not charged if users pay in Bee Token. A 1% fee is charged for using Bitcoin or Ethereum, in order to trade it back to Bee Token cryptocurrency, and 4% for fiat currency, to cover credit card processing. Payment processing is done using Ethereum-based smart contracts so that Bee Token never directly touches your payment.

Customer service and conflict resolution will also be decentralized, with a decentralized website coming in the near future.

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Bee Token will start with rentals in San Francisco, and within a year plan to branch out to New York and Los Angeles.

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Private testing is underway, with a public beta by the end of December 2017 or beginning of January 2018. Due to strategic partnerships, they will have thousands of listings available as soon as they launch.

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