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Storj (pronounced storage) is a distributed cloud storage infrastructure company whose goal is to make data storage more reliable and secure. Users upload their data, which is then encrypted. After encryption, the data is “sharded,” or broken into tiny pieces.

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Each of those pieces is then sent to a network farmer to be stored all around the globe. Only the user has the key to decrypt the data, and only the user knows what the data being stored actually is. This system provides increased security over more traditional, centralized data storage solutions, as any potential hacker would need to locate all of the pieces, and then decrypt them.

Individuals can become farmers through the Storj Share software, which allows them to decide how much space on their drives they want to set aside for storage, and they are rewarded with the Storj token.

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Over the next year, Storj has many milestones they are working on completing, including an archival system, a public web system, and the ability to decide which geographical regions your data gets stored in.

For more information, visit www.

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