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Trulioo is a global identity verification system that works through the marketplace of data. Using consumer data from 50 data partners, Trulioo is able to provide digital identity verifications for financial products to banks, financial institutions, exchanges, and other online market places.

However, Trulioo doesn’t own or store your data, much like Uber doesn’t own cars or AirBNB doesn’t own homes.They are fully AML/KYC compliant, and check verifications through multiple watchlists and checklists from banks, government agencies, exchanges, and even ICOs, in order to make sure that users are legitimate.

Trulioo’s goal is to be able to provide digital identity verification for all 7 billion people on the planet, particularly the underbanked and unbanked populations around the globe, and they are already off to a great start. Currently, they are able to provide digital ID verifications for 4.5 billion people in 60+ countries.

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