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Cryptiv has created an enterprise wallet system that allows financial institutions to trade, manage, and store digital assets. They have made changes to their wallet over the last year, in order to provide better security for users.

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Security features in their multi-signature wallet system include limits on the amount of assets that can be traded at any time and limits on the addresses that users can send assets to, through the use of white and black labels. Within the next year, they plan to begin licensing their wallet system to financial institutions.

Cryptiv has used their technology to manage their own private portfolio of digital assets, and because of better-than-expected returns, are considering opening up to other investors. Their portfolio includes 12-15 tokens at any given point of time, and are broken down into “blue chip” tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as more speculative smaller ICOs.

Having been in the financial industry for some time, Mat also gives us his opinions on the 2018 crypto markets.

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For more information, visit www.

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