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Why has the spectrum of bipolar disorder symptoms been separated for so long? With a new understanding of the reciprocity of manic and depressive episodes, treatments can be honed to better help patients. Listen in to learn:

  • When the medical world realized manic depression was not one-sided
  • Which drugs can benefit bipolar mood disorders
  • How whole grains and olive oil may be beneficial

Chris Aiken, M.D., the Director at the Mood Treatment Center, shares his work helping advance the world of bipolar disorder research to help patients find a state of normality.

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Bipolar disorder has long been misunderstood by researchers and physicians, leading to ineffective treatment and a misunderstanding between patients and therapists.

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However, through a combination of refined therapy and a more comprehensive understanding, patients can find a method of treatment that works for them.

While there are plenty of pharmaceutical solutions for mood disorders, there are many holistic alternatives as well. For example, by changing the microbiome in the body, there have been promising results for patients who choose to change their diet.

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