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Diyar Talbayev, Ph.D. is an associate professor at the Tulane School of Science and Engineering and an experienced condensed matter physicist. His current research involves the optical and electronic properties of complex materials. He has a keen interest in high-speed spectroscopy as well as solid state physics.

Click on play to learn:

  • How an electron is probed for research purposes.
  • What role laser pulses play in the study of electrons.
  • How the uncertainty principle affects current research on light interaction with matter.

Research in the Femtosecond & Terahertz Spectroscopy Laboratory focuses on observing and identifying activities inside electrons. The studies encompass magnetism, electricity, insulators, and super conductivity, and possible uses in semi-conductor chips and magnet materials for the purpose of data storage.

Researchers are gathering data on laser-pulse experiments to determine effects of electron behaviors. As light interacts with matter, it changes in a specific manner in which some colors are absorbed. By shining a stream of laser pulses on the surface of a material the changes can in colorization can be observed. Some colors are absorbed; some wavelengths are scattered. 

Dr. Talbayev is presently working on a research project titled “Optical super oscillations in time domain; ‘seeing’ through opaque matter and wavelength conversion without nonlinearity. He is investigating the physics behind magnetism and how the interactions between electrons in a material establish its magnetic and electronic properties.

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