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What causes inflammation in the brain, and how can this affect us as we age?

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Astrocytes found in the brain may be the key to unlock a better understanding.

Press play to learn:

  • Where astrocytes are located in the body
  • How inflammation can cause issues in human bodies as we age
  • The smallest cells astrocytes can be found in

Soraya Vallés Marti, a Physiology Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia, Spain, shares her research surrounding astrocytes and the negative impact of inflammation in the body.

It has been known that inflammation is a damaging and potentially dangerous state of the tissue in the body. However, it has recently been thought to cause much more damage than initially thought by researchers.

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While some inflammation in the body can be a sign of healing, chronic and widespread inflammation has been thought to cause neurodegenerative diseases and other complications as sufferers age. While many aspects remain a mystery, studying astrocytes has let researchers gain a greater understanding.

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To learn more, search for Soraya L. Vallés on Google Scholar.

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