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CEO of Lantos Technologies John Bojanowski, and Chief Audiology Officer at Lantos Technologies Dr. Brian Fligor,  join the podcast to discuss 3D ear scanning.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How it is that ear prints could be used as biomarkers, and whether your left ear may be surprisingly different than your right (or vice versa)
  • What the status quo custom ear technology was up until Lantos Technologies entered the market
  • How sounds might be separated in the ear canal of an individual to enhance that individual’s hearing experience

Lantos Technologies is a company that spun out of MIT about 10 years ago with the goal of improving the standard of care for creating custom-fit devices for the ear. Up until that point, the technology being used was quite literally about 130 years old. Despite encountering unexpected complications in the creation of digital technology for the ear, the technology at Lantos was brought to market and commercialized in 2019.

The old technology for custom-fit ear devices relied on making ear molds, which quite literally required pouring a substance into the ear of the customer and waiting until it dried. This was not only inefficient and ineffective, but uncomfortable for the client.

At Lantos Technologies, custom-fit devices are made based on a simple 60 to 90-second 3D scan of the ear, which is then uploaded via the cloud and sent to the manufacturer. This allows for personalized solutions for a range of products, including hearing aids, hearing protection, professional audio, and consumer audio.

Bojanowski and Fligor discuss the uniqueness of ears—in fact, they even say that an ear print could serve as an excellent biomarker for individual identification. They’ve scanned over 18,000 ears and have yet to find any two alike—including the left and right ears on one individual. That’s right, your right and left ear are not symmetrical, but don’t worry, Lantos accounts for this.

Among other topics, Bojanowski and Fligor discuss the anatomy of the ear and how it relates to the creation of their technology, some of the most in-demand and interesting applications of their technology, and so much more.

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