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Chris Ellis, CEO and co-founder of AudioCardio, talks about his company’s mission to improve and then maintain hearing with a new hearing test app designed for hearing loss treatment.

AudioCardio’s patented product, a mobile app, is a clinically proven Threshold Sound Conditioning™ technology that generates unique, personalized audio therapy designed to stimulate and strengthen cells. How does it work? AudioCardio™ can analyze an individual’s hearing and deliver valuable hearing therapy for their ears.

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The goal: to protect, maintain, and strengthen hearing ability.

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Ellis discusses the different types of hearing loss, with special consideration given to sensory and neural hearing loss problems, which are the specific types of hearing loss that his company targets. These types of hearing loss problems can be due to age, medications, loud noise environments, disease, etc. Ellis discusses the ways that their technology can improve hearing. In the most basic terms, our hearing works by processing sound waves that travel through the air, and frequencies are sent as unique nerve signals, directly to the brain, which the brain then recognizes as sounds. Ellis’ company’s tech—the Threshold Sound Conditioning—can detect the important frequencies that have somehow lost much of their sensitivity and then exercise them with tailored sound signals, personalized for the individual.

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Ellis talks about the many case studies of individuals with hearing loss who have seen improvement through the use of this innovative technology. And the hearing entrepreneur discusses dementia treatment, hearing loss treatment, and the types of people who have sought out the AudioCardio solutions. As Ellis explains, hearing loss is gradual, and that we continually recreate a ‘new normal’ which unfortunately can slide us deeper into reduced hearing.

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