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You hear a sound, and you absolutely hate it; as a result, your brain prioritizes that sound, further and more deeply ingraining it in your brain. This experience creates a very negative emotional and physiological reaction in you, and could be triggered by any number of sounds commonly encountered in modern life—the sound of someone chewing gum, tapping, dripping water…you name it. There’s a name for this, and it’s misophonia.

In addition to misophonia, Jennifer Conlin, Doctor of Audiology, has tinnitus, which is a condition that involves hearing a high-frequency tone that becomes chronic, causes a negative emotional response, and leads to a negative feedback loop in the brain. It might be hard to see the good in having both of these conditions, but it’s what ultimately led Dr. Jennifer Conlin to not only identify her speech-language pathology specialty and foster her love of audiology but help others through a myriad of auditory problems in her role as an audiologist at Love to Hear Again Audiology in Texas.

In this episode, you will learn:

· In what ways different brands of hearing aids differ from each other

· How artificial intelligence is being implemented in hearing aids, to include language translations and fall detection

· How tinnitus and other auditory conditions can be treated

· How a person’s hearing can impact their mental state, including the development of dementia, social withdrawal, depression, and chronic fatigue

Tune in and visit to learn more.

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