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The number of small, early-stage yet fast-growing companies is reaching an all-time high. Despite the potential for wide profit margins, many of these high-quality startups lack the necessary capital to continue growing and to reach their full potential. Sam Kawtharani and Derek Manuge formed Corl from a combined decades’ worth of unique and relevant experience to offer a solution: the world’s first revenue-sharing token specifically designed to foster the development of emerging companies while benefitting investors. Where traditional forms of finance have failed, Corl promises to deliver by providing royalty investments to budding companies and allowing investors to own equity in Corl via the blockchain-based “CRL” token. In addition, token holders will receive quarterly dividends in Ethereum. With the plan of becoming the world’s first regulatory-compliant security token that pays dividends to all token holders, Corl introduces an unprecedented and exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Currently, in the pre-launch stage of development, Corl will go live in just a little over one month, on April 1, 2018.

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For over 2,000 companies already signed up on the Corl platform and ready to apply, that launch date couldn’t arrive soon enough.

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To learn more, visit, join the Corl telegram channel, or contact Sam and Derek directly through LinkedIn.

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