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Stan Larimer spent 36 years in the aerospace industry before joining his son, Dan Larimer, in the development of BitShares 2.0. Having recently presented at the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference, Stan provides insight into a few of the main themes, current interests and plans in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Larimer suggests plans for interfacing BitShares 2.0 and EOS in order to maximize the value of both, touches on the idea of grand unification of aspects of Steemit and BitShares and discusses the implementation of institutional-grade features for BitShares.

Amidst the discussion of these exciting prospective plans, he is careful to note the following: “The first rule…is to do no harm to BitShares, and after we have established that as a ground rule, what can we do to add new traffic, new users and new features to BitShares without undoing what it has become?”

Tune in to hear an in-depth answer to that question and many more.

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