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Could a revolutionary level of health and wellness be as simple as unscrewing a small cap, and putting the bottle up to your nose?

Samantha Wright didn’t think so either, until she dug a little deeper and tried it for herself.

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  • Where essential oils come from and the three primary ways of using them
  • What it is about the molecular structure of essential oils that makes them so unique and beneficial for brain health
  • Why it’s important to exercise caution when using essential oils on animals, especially cats

Samantha Wright is the founder of The Essential Oil Revolution and runs two podcasts: The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast, and a podcast on podcasts themselves, called Pineapple Podcasting.

She had been incorporating natural tools like herbalism into her life for as long as she could remember, but had never really gotten into the use of essential oils until a friend introduced her to them. From that point on, she began hearing one incredible story after the next about how they were revolutionizing people’s lives, and even eliminating lifelong issues like asthma and allergies, as well as alleviating anxiety and depression in many people.

Having been a lifelong sufferer of severe allergies herself, Wright was astounded by how quickly a mixture of water and a few drops of essential oils significantly reduced her symptoms.

“Essential oils are literally all around us; when you take a walk outside, you’ll be instantly surrounded by essential oils…They play such a vital role in a plant’s ability to grow and live and evolve. Without their essential oils, plants could not survive; you could almost liken it to the blood of a plant,” says Wright.

Since her discovery of the power of essential oils, Wright has started a podcast that aims to educate people on and promote the use of high-quality essential oils. In just over five years, The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast has gotten over four million downloads. Wright continues to interview experts on the various uses of essential oils, and despite having made so many episodes, there is still a seemingly endless number of topics to cover.

She shares her knowledge and insights with listeners, diving into the details of the health benefits and some of the most common ailments that can be alleviated with particular essential oils.

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