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How can ancient remains reveal what the world was like from when they were dated. DNA sequencing can give insight into how the environment and ecosystem looked and was shaped by the animals of the period.

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  • How mammoths gave a peek into the genetic past
  • What the closest relative to a mammoth is in the present day
  • How mammoths looked when they still roamed the Earth

Research assistant in computational and RNA biology at the University of Copenhagen, Patrícia Chrzanová Pecnerová, shares her research on wooly mammoth molars and discusses what it reveals about the past.

Genetic sequencing of different ancient mammoths is instrumental in piecing together how the ecosystem and world looked when they were still alive. The mammoths were known as “keystone species” because of their significant impact on their environment and lasting influence on the world.

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Mammals have always had a drastic impact on the world, and even more so regarding human ancestors and modern-day humans. Pecnerová plans to continue her research by expanding the view of these ancient animals’ genomes to gain more insight into how they lived and what the world looked like.

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To learn more about her work, find @PatriciaChrzan on Twitter.

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