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Can specific diet and exercise help treat or even aid in preventing cancer? Research shows that many aspects of an individual’s diet may play a key role.

Listen in to learn:

  • How a ketogenic diet can assist cancer therapy treatment
  • If a high-intensity exercise can help the body’s fight against cancer
  • How radiation therapy may work alongside and be benefited by diet and exercise

Associate professor at Duke University in radiation and oncology, Colin Champ, stops by to share his research into cancer prevention and therapy and how they can be assisted by diet and exercise.

While challenging to study due to human behavior’s inconsistencies, implementing rigorous exercise and a ketogenic diet may be a new treatment for certain kinds of cancer. While showing promising results in cancer prevention, they also offer benefits when used in concert with other cancer treatments.

While a healthy diet and exercise may not work in every individual’s circumstances, they are incredibly beneficial whenever added to a treatment plan. Combines with new therapeutic techniques in radiation and the chemotherapy process, they have the potential to reduce the length of treatment times.

For more information, visit or search for Colin Champ’s research studies on

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