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When we are immigrating to a different country, often we are leaving behind many valuable things which made up our past lives. One of things we don’t even think of that is critical, are our financial report cards. Even for folks who may have had stellar credit in their home country, when you get to a new nation, you can’t access credit – be it student loans, credit cards, auto loans and mortgages.

Essentially, we are forced to start over wherever we go, often times forcing people into poor credit situations, such as using credit cards with ridiculous interest rates, horrifying pay-day loans, etc. It may shock you to know, even countries in North America cannot carry their credit history with them be it US to Canada, Canada to US, Mexico to Canada and so on.

Nova Credit aims to change this. They are acting as the world’s first cross-border consumer reporting agency. They have built a global network of credit bureaus where consumers can essentially take their financial history and identity with them, wherever they go.

Misha Esipov is the CEO of Nova Credit and his mission is to “enable immigrants to access credit to realize their potential.” This is a huge global issue for everyone and the team at Nova Credit are offering real solutions.

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