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Let’s face it. We have all been caught in spreadsheet, pdf and paper hell in our daily work lives. Money is lost. Time is lost. Enter aXpire, a cloud-based and AI-enabled blockchain payment processing company, who are using the blockchain to speed up processes, reduce errors, and make transactions accurate as well as transparent on both a B2B level, as well as P2P, within organizations.

Gary Markham, CEO at aXpire, explains how Resolvr, the interactive dashboard they have developed, is addressing these common issues which are costing companies resources every day.

Resolvr cuts out a lot of the human manual processes, thereby removing cumbersome emailed docs and reports and along with that room for error and the loss of valuable time.

The dashboard requires electronic invoice input and so by obtaining better quality data, again, it is saving users from pouring over useless information.

Additionally, the software automatically approves invoices that meet certain conditions set up by the database. There is also an RFP portal that automatically screens and removes vendors who are not appropriate for a job. All transactions also will have an easy to follow audit trail. Time saved. Money saved. Compliance met.

More recently aXpire has launched a P2P system called, MatchBX, where individuals are participating in the platform as a freelancer or a task creator. For example, individuals can drop project work they need completed into the database and the freelancers will come in and bid for the work. This is just one more example of how aXpire is working to save companies time and money.

For more information, please visit: https://www.

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