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Blockchain start-up, DECENT, has developed an open-source, P2P content distribution platform, that is changing the way individuals and organizations access and publish information for free.

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The highly secure platform is transparent and offers a clear audit trail with time-stamped transactions.

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Founder and CEO at DECENT, Matej Michalko, explains the mission behind the innovative start-up, was to remove the middle man from publishing. Compared to traditional methods, DECENT, connects people around the globe who want to share digital content including audio, video, text, software or video games, through an open-source platform at no cost.

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Content owners set their own price and generally consumers gain access to the content at a lower price, without the 3rd party costs added in and creators receive 100% revenue.

Additionally, DECENT released its own token, DCT, which allows the protocol to run. The tokens can be used for publishing, buying, selling and sharing content on the platform.

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