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Taking advantage of two hot trends, drones and the blockchain airspace technology, VIMANA Global, is a startup aiming to provide a solution to a key urban air mobility (UAM) challenge. There is a looming traffic congestion infrastructure crisis. VIMANA has plans to use the blockchain airspace market by launching drones to do package deliveries and, down the line, even human transportation.

When looking at Smart Cities launching UAM programs, the developers of VIMANA realized one of the biggest problems is air traffic control. What was missing, was an overall network or system to manage all of the drones in the sky.

This technology and innovation could be as huge as the telecom boom.

“VIMANA Global is solving a key UAM challenge, that of extending the blockchain into the air, and delivering the technology that would enable unmanned flights to launch and fly safely in any national airspace,” says Evgeni Borisov, founder and CEO, VIMANA.

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