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Have you ever dreamed of having your own avatar? Well now, ObEN is making it a reality – well maybe more like a virtual reality that is – with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology. ObEN is using the AI blockchain platform to create copies of humans.

They look like you. they talk like you. They sound like you and hell, it’s even possible to pass on some of your own personality traits to your avatar.Take a selfie. Speak a few sentences into the app and bam – you’re on your way to creating possibly a better version of yourself.

Nikil Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, says the idea was inspired by personal experiences at home. He traveled a lot and had young children at the time who were used to dad reading a story at bedtime. While away one night, the kids were not able to fall asleep, so he read the story over the phone. A light bulb went off and soon he shared this experience with his co-founder. From there, the idea for ObEN was born.

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