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Medtech Impact on Wellness

“Your home is your castle and it’s the place you’re going to heal from the ravages of the day, and you want to have a clean environment for yourself,” says Lawrence Gust, who has a long history of helping people determine the ways in which their homes and offices could be affecting their health and quality of life. Due to the massive influx of wireless technology over the past couple of decades, Gust has become largely involved in the evaluation and mitigation of electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

Wireless routers, wireless phones, entertainment systems, virtual assistants…there is no doubt that these products have made our lives more convenient and more exciting, but what else are they doing to our lives?

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Are we paying a greater price than they’re worth, without even knowing it? And is there a way to protect our well-being while still enjoying modern technology?

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These are just a couple of the questions Gust explores in today’s episode.

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Press play for all the details and check out to learn more.

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