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In this special podcast, Josh Sanchez of “Swoop Radio With Josh Sanchez” and “Behavior Vortex” discusses mental health, performance, and the power of setting goals.

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From life advice to sports, Swoop Radio’s mission is one of inspiration, as they seek to inspire and motivate people to be their best and achieve more in life.

As a mental health and psychology podcaster, Sanchez’s podcast, “Behavior Vortex,” provides his listeners an opportunity to discover what goes on in the human mind, and it seeks to explain the role mental health plays in the human experience. But as Sanchez states, it was his early love of sports that led him to podcasting.

Sanchez talks about sports in terms of how we can relate it to other things in our lives. He provides an overview of the three types of goals we can all reach for, such as process, performance, and outcome goals. He explains that process goals are the goals we set for ourselves daily, to accomplish tasks, etc. and performance goals are our yearly expectations, means in which we can hopefully achieve our ultimate outcome goals. Finally, outcome goals are comprised of the vision we have for ourselves over time—where do we want to be in our lives in three to five years. As he explains, athletes set these types of goals for themselves, but all of us can utilize these same goals to improve our lives.

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Sanchez talks about the power of visualization—mentally preparing yourself for success.

Sanchez discusses the physical trials that athletes go through daily, and the importance of taking care of your body and mind equally. He explains the importance of mental health and the value of therapy. The podcasting specialist talks in detail about his own personal journey, and his methods for physical and mental improvement, and how setting goals is important for long term progress.

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But he also explains the importance of hitting the reset button, essentially taking a break here and there during your journey of improvement. We must remember to enjoy ourselves during the journey.

Wrapping up, Sanchez discusses the joy he finds in podcasting, talking to many diverse people and learning so much along the way.

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