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IndieBio, located in San Francisco, is the world’s largest seed bio-technology accelerator and has funded 81 companies over their three-year history. Each company or start-up that they work with receives $250,000 in funding, full access to on-site laboratories, mentorships, and introductions to investors throughout their four-month program, with the ultimate goal being the creation of a product that is ready for market.

The idea for IndieBio was born out of three recent trends–biology becoming both cheaper and faster, and a so-called “Post-docalpyse,” characterized by high numbers of individuals with advanced degrees and relatively few academic job openings. Overall, IndieBio believes in using biology as a fundamental technology that can be expanded to all aspects of society, and two of the most well-known companies they have funded, Memphis Meats and Koniku, exemplify that.

Over the next year, IndieBio hopes to integrate more changes that they learn from each round of mentorships, and are potentially looking to scale to other industries or to other geographical areas around the world.

To learn more, or to apply for their next four-month program coming up for Summer 2018, visit

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