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With a background in bio-terrorism preparedness and response, as well as previous experience in intelligence and with the Federal Communications Commission, David Bray came to Singularity University with the belief that the ability to make the world better for all of us lies at the intersection of technology and society.

He currently focuses on the area of public health, recognizing that because of our increasingly connected world, both public health and technology are not bound by geographical borders and demographics, and shares with us some of his insights into both areas. David is also the Executive Director of People-Centered Internet, a non-profit that focuses on using technology to bring communities together.

They are currently working on three separate projects–bringing Internet access to rural Native American communities on their terms, providing quicker ways for victims of California wildfires to replace destroyed identity documents without fraud, and helping Puerto Rico in their efforts to recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. David also discusses his thoughts on Net Neutrality, and why he is passionate about people retaining control of their online data.

To talk with David directly, follow him on Twitter at @chief_ventures. For more information on People-Centered Internet, visit For more information about Singularity University, visit

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