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Launched in September 2017, TigerGraph is a distributed graphing and data analytics platform that can produce real-time graphs in under 1 second from many different types of data, including product data, production and supply data, marketing data, and social data such as customer use information.

It is popular in many different industries, including financial services, banking, and e-commerce. The production of graphs in real-time, from data that is streamed to the platform, is highly beneficial for companies, who can deploy it for use cases including catching financial fraud in real-time or validating the authenticity of money transfers.

TigerGraph can also be used to create snapshots over time, to see trends in the data. Over the next year, TigerGraph intends to integrate more artificial intelligence capabilities into their platform, as well as working on scaling their platform out to be able to handle larger groups of data while still providing real-time graphs and analysis.

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