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Imagine you’re sitting at a perfectly organized desk. All your important papers are arranged in front of you in the order that you need them. When you want reference material you simply remove a book from your alphabetically systemized bookcase.

Nothing is out of place. Your work flows smoothly as you transition from one task to the next, and at the end of the day, you don’t have to put anything away.

You simply take off your augmented reality glasses, and the computer that houses your virtual office puts everything back in its place.

That’s the vision for just one of the projects that Jodi Medich of Singularity University is working on now.

Here’s a few other things she talks about in this episode:

  • The role cognitive ergonomics and spacial memory have in developing new AR/VR
  • The conceptual AR technology that plans to revolutionize our classrooms and other learning environments
  • Why the future of computing should focus on creating super humans instead of super machines

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