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Let’s start with the most salacious bit of news. Legend has it that Timothy Draper once won 33,000 Bitcoins in one fell swoop.

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This, from the auction of the Silk Road proceeds.

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Draper looked at that, and realized that Bitcoin had an extraordinary future; that Bitcoin could be an easy-to-use, trusted third party untied to any necessarily self-interested national government.

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“And I knew that… I’d been investing in Bitcoin companies for a number of years before that auction came up,” says Draper. He continues, saying: “It’s a really positive thing for the world.” Despite its underground status, for Draper, the joke is that nowadays, it’s much easier to catch illegal activity in Bitcoins that in any other currency. For Draper, the BlockChain is that clear… that honest.

“There’s a thrill in owning Bitcoin,” rejoins host Richard Jacobs.

Tune in for the rest of Timothy Draper’s wide-angle, bird’s-eye view on the present and future of Bitcoin. As always, be sure to subscribe and review, and if you can, donate a Bitcoin or two. Every little bit helps.

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