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In today’s world, cybersecurity’s at the top of everyone’s mind. But the DarkWeb seems beneath everyone’s attention. Why should most companies care about the DarkWeb when they’re doing business normally and legitimately, “above-ground,” so to speak? “Why do they care?” asks host Richard Jaobs.

Barry Spielman of Sixgill answers. “To a very large degree, our solution is meant for those who understand or are beginning to understand the importance of the DarkWeb.

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” Since its inception, the Darkweb has become a mammoth black market. From weapons to drugs, you can buy just about anything.

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And much of the trade that happens? It happens very professionally, under the supervision of administrators, with Escrow security, and so on.

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In short, you can no longer talk about normal and legitimate business without also talking about the DarkWeb.

Hit play to learn more about how Sixgill protects businesses from DarkWEB threats. Be sure to click to subscribe to and review the FutureTech podcast. And if you like what you’re hearing, share a BitCoin or two. Every little bit helps.

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