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Jake Steiner, the founder of (, delivers a truly eye-opening analysis on the common problem of myopia, and how it can be reversed.

Steiner is extremely passionate about eyesight and is thrilled to share his information with the world. As a boy who grew up with glasses, then reached a -5.00 diopter myopia in his 20s, but today has 20/20 natural eyesight, he is convinced that his method works and takes pride in helping others who suffer from poor eyesight issues.

Steiner talks about his background and how he came to eyesight issues organically. Steiner’s past includes much more banking and stock trading than medically-related career issues, but his myopia was so severe he was determined to find a solution.

Frustrated with his worsening eyesight, he began to dig deep into research of vision biology. As Steiner
explains, through his research he found that myopia starts out as something called, ‘pseudomyopia,’ a focusing muscle spasm of the eye. He was shocked to discover that it’s not a medical condition at all. The causality is not a defect.

Steiner states that myopia (short-sightedness) can be reversed without the use of prescription glasses because it’s a refractive state that can actually be corrected naturally. Surprisingly, the glasses we wear to correct the myopia may be making our eyes worse over time. He explains focal planes, and how minus lens move the focal point further back
which compensates for the muscle spasm. He explains how the eye changes shape, detailing axial elongation, which is an elongating of the eyeball.

Steiner talks about reversing the stimulus, and how the eyeball isn’t getting longer, but it is adjusting. By reversing the stimulus, you can shorten it, and thus decrease the myopia. Therefore, by continuing to wear glasses, but wearing less strong ones, you can help to achieve improved vision—essentially challenging the eye to see. He says you want to get rid of your distance glasses when you’re doing close up work. Steiner states that when you see the eye doctor, they typically find a strong prescription that works for you, and then that’s that, but there isn’t much discussion of alternatives to improve eyesight through other means than just continually prescribing stronger and stronger glasses. Ultimately, as Steiner states, our screen addiction, with the constant use of laptops, desktops, pads, and smartphones, is a significant contributor to eye problems.


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