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Nathaniel Jordan is a keynote health and wellness speaker, nationally certified health coach and nutrition fitness specialist with the American Council on Exercise, and certified master trainer with the National Federation of Professional Trainers. But he wasn’t always the picture of health and fitness; growing up, Jordan had a lot of health problems, including severe acne, high blood pressure, and significant weight gain. Similar problems ran in his family, with his father having suffered several strokes and his uncle experiencing several heart attacks and diabetes.

Jordan saw where his future was headed, and decided to make a change. He began researching everything he could about nutrition and fitness, embracing the lessons of a variety of nutritional gurus and eventually adopting a plant-rich diet. These days, he spends his time helping to educate others on the human body, food addiction, and the power of plant-based foods, all while sharing inspirational success stories from around the globe. Among many other topics, Jordan discusses his take on the ketogenic diet, fasting diet, and vegetarianism versus veganism.

Tune in for a compelling, informative, and inspiring conversation, and learn more about Jordan and his mission by


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