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Allison Rosen, M.S., Lead Project Coordinator at Baylor College of Medicine, discusses her important work in cancer prevention.

Rosen’s work at Baylor College of Medicine is multifaceted, and educating the public about cancers is one of their primary areas of focus, especially minority communities and young people. They provide a community outreach that works toward the goal of prevention.

As the Lead Project Coordinator, Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center Office of Outreach and Health Disparities at Baylor College of Medicine, Rosen takes an active grassroots approach to community education.

Rosen discusses her background in oncology research and her journey toward her current career and passion—cancer prevention.

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She talks about symptoms, especially symptoms that younger individuals might experience, and what healthcare providers need to look for. She explains in detail, one of her areas of expertise—colorectal cancer.

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Rosen relates her own personal medical story as a colon cancer survivor. Her personal journey was at times a struggle, with years of varying medical issues, but once she got her diagnosis of cancer, she set out to begin her fight. Now, as a survivor, Rosen is passionate about taking her message of prevention to the streets. Rosen discusses her path to recovery and the important work that is happening in their outreach efforts.

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