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Faust Ruggiero joins the podcast today to discuss his work as a published research author, clinical trainer, and therapist. Faust has counseled people from all walks of life, and has helped countless individuals take control of their emotions and intellect with thoughtful and practical guidance.

Faust recently wrote the book entitled, The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey. Here, he provides advice on how to reduce the impact of anxiety on your life and empower your sense of inner being.

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Tune in now to find out:

  • How Faust has seen counseling transform his patients.
  • The role that medications play in long-term mental health conditions.
  • The foundational items that contribute to a happy and healthy life.
  • How technology impacts mental wellness.

Professionals like Faust are playing critical roles in shaping the future of mental health treatment. Whether you are struggling with psychological issues or not, this conversation is sure to inspire you!

Go to to learn more about Faust and his work!

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