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In this episode, we analyze the environmental impact of food waste and how to reduce it with Dr. Simon Lockrey. Dr. Lockrey is a leading sustainability and design-based entrepreneur, board member, and academic. He has been based at RMIT since 2009, and recently became an interim national leader of the Reduce Program with FFW CRC – a series of reduction projects aimed at cutting Australian food waste in half by 2030.

Dr. Lockrey has worked across a spectrum of industries, and he uses his diverse skillset to promote sustainability at a global level. In this conversation, he reveals just how important it is to be aware of food waste, and decrease it as much as possible.

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Join the discussion now to discover:

  • How food waste affects the health of our planet.
  • How much food is wasted in developed supply chains.
  • Types of food that have a higher percentage of waste.
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  • The role packaging plays in food waste pollution.

Food waste is a complex issue that is hard to generalize, and because of this, it is harder to combat. Fortunately, we have experts like Dr.

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Lockrey finding solutions that are transforming our approach to food waste management altogether…

Click here to learn more about Dr. Lockrey’s work with Fight Food Waste CRC!

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