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David Siegel is an entrepreneur, tokenomics expert, and the the author of five books, one of which serves as the basis for Pillar Project, a cryptocurrency and token wallet that’s being developed into so much more than that: a personal digital assistant app that automatically manages user data, including health, financial and work records. The Pillar wallet will eventually allow users to store and maintain full control over their personal encrypted data without any third-party involvement.

Pillar Project has the potential to replace e-commerce companies such as eBay and Amazon by allowing users to own and trade tokens, as well as carry out a variety of transactions. “What we want in this new world is to tokenize and trade everything…

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We hope that eventually you’ll sign a lease using your Pillar wallet, you’ll buy a home using your Pillar wallet, you’ll buy a car, you’ll rent a car…you ought to be able to do that from your Pillar wallet with no middleman,” says Siegel.

In today’s digital world, privacy concerns are growing and the importance of acquiring and maintaining control over your personal data is becoming increasingly clear.

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Pillar Project is offering users the open-source tools necessary to protect their information and operate independently within their own economies. To learn more, visit


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