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Medtech Impact on Wellness provides automated assistance to employees to dramatically increase productivity and reduce the time spent on various low-value tasks that often take up a large part of the workday. According to Roy Pereira, CEO, and founder of, users are provided automated assistance that provides support much like a human personal assistance would.

Using a chat first application, has designed a platform uses a vast knowledge base that can quickly and efficiently complete tasks. For example, scheduling meetings can be time-consuming whether a one-on-one meeting or an entire team. can schedule meetings based on availability and preferences of attendees. Similarly, if an initial meeting is with an external attendee, can provide a photo, employment history, and even personal interests to help break the ice.

In addition, can assist with searching for documents, providing information, conducting research, and preparing documents based on specific criteria. The result is increased productivity in the workplace as well as higher employee satisfaction due to completing more tasks each work day.

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