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Albert Santalo defines “citizen developers” as people of limited technical proficiency who don’t know how to code, but who know what they want and have identified the problems that they need to solve. 8base is a platform that is putting the power of development into the hands of those people by giving them the tools to solve their problems without having to contract with developers.

The easy-to-use 8base app builder will allow citizen developers to produce beautifully designed software with minimal effort and minimal background knowledge.

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If a developer needs to create an immutable ledger via blockchain technology, 8base can help with that too. By helping developers decide whether or not they need to implement blockchain technology and by assisting them in deciding which specific blockchain would best suit their needs, 8base is eliminating the need for citizen developers to fully understand the complexity of blockchain technology itself.

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“The beautiful thing about 8base is that it’s built like a chassis…

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it has interchangeable parts, it’s really easy to maintain, and as new technologies come out, it’s easy to swap out the old and bring in the new,” says Santalo. Tune in to hear the full discussion, and learn more at

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