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Alon Muroch, cofounder and CEO of blox (, talks about the current state of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the new advances in portfolio management.

Muroch talks about his background in development and coding and how he discovered blockchain by accident. He recounts his early experiences seeking out a way to transfer money more effectively. Fast forwarding to the future, Muroch discusses how his company was created out of his own organic need to find a better way to sync various wallets and exchange accounts into one place, to better manage his assets.

Blox is more than numbers and charts; it is an incredibly efficient system that helps to provide a clearer image of your crypto assets. Muroch’s company, Blox, has developed the most advanced, organized crypto currency asset and portfolio-tracking platform in the entire industry. The blox platform enables users to track, collect past transactions and pricing automatically, and more, by connecting directly to tens of blockchains as well as up to date crypto currency exchanges.

Muroch discusses the many potential problems that could arise when ordering one’s books, regarding taxes and auditing. As he states, even a small error could become a giant problem when dealing with financial issues, and mistakes can be made easily. Even the practical side of daily transfers can be a place where mistakes happen.

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Muroch talks about transactional data, and how to make it robust and complete, and the importance of reporting and bookkeeping to ensure all records are intact. The financial technology expert provides a wealth of information on the future of blox and their work with accounting firms.

As Muroch explains, blox provides many tools to assist with accounting and for regulation compliance.

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He provides details on some of the plans blox is developing, from the reimagination of transactional data to feedback-based development in the areas of wallets, ledgers, and high-level security features.

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