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Michael J. Joyner, MD, physician, researcher, and noted expert on human performance and exercise physiology delivers an overview of the extensive study and research he has embarked upon throughout his long career in the field.

Dr. Joyner has spent a lifetime studying the human body and how it performs and functions. Through his impressive research studying exercise physiology he has made significant contributions to the greater understanding of muscle and skin blood flow, as well as blood pressure regulation, and of course athletic performance.

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Dr. Joyner has been a respected consultant to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as well as NASA and the groundbreaking research at his Mayo Clinic lab has been funded by the NIH since the early 90s. In this informative podcast Dr. Joyner talks about integrative physiology, how humans respond to complex challenges, and the limits of perspective. He discusses blood flow and the restorative properties of systems.

He recounts some of the past experimentation regarding blood flow and circulation. He delves into detail about angiogenesis, which is the physiological process by which new blood vessels begin to form from those preexisting vessels already present, and formed in the initial stage of vasculogenesis.

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The doctor talks about gene therapy and drugs that have been used to stimulate blood vessel growth, but he stresses that the best means for achieving this goal is actually exercise.

Dr. Joyner discusses drug repurposing, and the history of various notable drugs that have found their purpose later, after development and trial. He talks about some of the early experimentation and important studies regarding bed rest, and how we have learned that we need to, in most cases, mobilize people as early as possible right after medical procedures and operations, etc. He expands on his thoughts about progress made in the surgical environment, and the future of technology—and how it can help us to improve. And he rounds the discussion back to his primary area of study—physiology and human performance, which he has studied intensively since the 80s.

The human performance expert discusses the latest findings regarding glucose and physical exercise. He states that exercise is really the key to fighting prediabetes and diabetes, and its effects are powerful.

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He discusses various trials, and drug development for many medical conditions, and the evidence that supports some of the new blood pressure controlling type drugs.

The prestigious Mayo Clinic named Dr. Joyner a Distinguished Investigator in 2010 and his lab provides major educational opportunities for students and trainees, as it continues to further the dialogue on human performance.

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