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Colin Cantrell explains how Nexus, an alt coin cryptocurrency, was inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper and subsequent Bitcoin protocol code.

Colin also discusses several key weaknesses of the Bitcoin protocol, such as synchronizing various clocks, and offers solutions on how he would solve them.

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Some of Nexus’ (NXS) inner workings are also explained: how Nexus applies a decentralized, mathematically regulated, transparent, crypto currency designed for stability and sustainability.

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He talks about why bitcoin nodes are decreasing and what potential problems may affect the bitcoin protocol’s security and integrity of its Blockchain.

Quantum Computing and quantum resistant algorithms and cryptography is also discussed.

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If you’re a Bitcoin fan and know (even a little) about how the Bitcoin protocol actually works then you will be impressed with Colin’s innovations, inspired by the Bitcoin protocol, to make Nexus (NXS) coin an up and coming and powerful cryptocurrency.

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